What our patients say about us

Pain While Sitting

I have been struggling with a trapped nerve for about 4 years. Been through physio, medication, exercise. Came to point where I could not sit and drive for long hours or take long flights, or my work was making it relapse. I had almost lost all hope. Then found out about Renew and this is the best I have felt in years. I am back to working out at gym, can finally drive or be on long flights, be at work without having to worry about sore back or shooting pain. I would recommend it to anyone who is going through anything similar, or even if someone need a posture correction for day to day well being. Look no further, Donata is the best. Vicky R.

Foot Pain Plantar Fasciitis Ankle Pain

Having had pain in my feet planter fasciitis for 20 years. Pain management and NHS had given up on me. My spine was twisted and flat in places. Hips out of alignment knees and shins twisted and painful feet. I was told I had worn my feet out. After a lot of treatments of ABC my spine has that nice s shaped curve shoulders and head are back posture is totally amazing, knees and shins and spine untwisted. And best of all pain free walking. Don’t give up on yourself just because the NHS can’t fix you. It’s ok to walk around with pain but it’s much better without it. Give Donata a call. She will talk you through it.
S. McCourt

Pins and Needles While Sleeping

Years of pins and needles in my hands each night. Also bad headaches and sciatica when lying down. Doctors couldn’t find anything wrong. A few sessions at Renew Your Body and I can finally sleep through the night. Donata listens, takes her time, and explains everything in detail. Steve M.

Pain management Pain Relief Neuropathy Poor Posture

I have been seeing Donata for 2 months now and the difference in my posture is simply amazing! Visually see the difference after only a few sessions. I have less pains, and even when I do, it’s less severe. My balance is improved and my mobility has improved too. After suffering for years and Drs putting it down to my neuropathy damage, it was awesome to see these improvements in both the level of them and the speed. I have also had my blood pressure lowered that my Dr is considering stopping my BP medication completely. Donata is a lovely lady and explains everything that she does. She clearly explains goals AND she achieves them. Thoroughly recommend. Mike M.